Sylph morphs are tailor-made for media icons, elite socialites, XP stars, models, and narcissists. Sylph gene sequences are specifically designed for distinctive good looks. Ethereal and elfin features are common, with slim and lithe bodies. Their metabolism has also been sanitized to eliminate unpleasant bodily odors and their pheromones adjusted for universal appeal.

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Clean Metabolism, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Pheromones

Attribute Maximum: 6

Size: 5

Advantages: Striking Looks Merit (1), +1 Coordination, +1 Presence, +1 to one other Attribute of the player’s choice

Experience Cost: 25

Credit Cost: 30,000

Sylph photo Sylph_VenusianSocialEngineer_DanielClarke.png


Eclipse Phase Master_O_Disaster